ECO Scotland at Rannoch Nursery

ECO at Rannoch Nursery

In October 2013, we successfully gained our first GREEN FLAG as a newly amagalmated nursery.

Our topics for these two years were Litter, Water and Food in the Environment. Through these topics, all staff provided the nursery children with different activities relating to these. Staff and children carried out research and photographic evidence to build up folders and books for all to view.

Our topics for 2013-2016 were Litter, Health and Wellbeing and School Grounds. In our main foyer, is our ECO Information Board, where parents/carers, staff, children and vistorscan see what the nursery is doing to gain towards our second green flag.

We also provide our families with a Termly Eco Newsletter, which informs everyone on what has been happening and what we have been doing throughout our topics and other events.

In the nursery, we have our ECO committee team, which has staff, children, other agencies, parents/carers who help to provide idea's for our Eco activities and experiences.

In September 2014, we were awarded the Provost's Special Award, which was given to us at The Learning To Achieve Awards ceremony. We were so pleased to have been presented this award and certificate. Well done to all who helped and took part.

In October 2016, we successfully gained our second green flag. Thank you to all the staff, children, parents/carers and outside agencies who helped us to achieve this.

Our new topics for October 2016 - 2018 for Eco Scotland are Litter, Sustainability and Biodiversity. We are hopeful that we successfully achieve our third green flag.