Enjoy A Ball and Jo Jingles Experiences

Enjoy a ball -


Enjoy a ball is fantastic! One of the enjoy a ball team will come to the nursery once a week to work with the 3-5 children. It is set up by Falkirk in the Community which is run by Falkirk Football Club.

Through enjoy a ball, we learn ways to control the ball, such as kicking, dribbling and catching.

Through enjoy a ball, the team get the children to follow instructions, learn to accept rules, understand discipline, promote physical skills through balance and control.

We work together as a team and watch each other in the group and we can cheer and shout when we do well.

Most importantly we have lots and lots of fun............


Jo Jingles -


Our 0-3 children have the opportunity to experience Jo Jingles every week.

Jo Jingles is a music and movemnet group that encourages the 0-3 children to sing and be active. Ailleen who owns Jo Jingles, comes to the nursery termly to provide active experiences for the under 3's. Some of these experiences include using musical instruments, stretching out material and moving it/shaking it, using parachutes, dancing and singing.

All the children absolutley love taking part in Jo Jingles and give him cuddles from when he leaves.

Look out for all the exciting pictures that will be on view in the play rooms.