Nursery Background

In August 2010, Grangemouth Day Nursery and Inchyra Nursery School amalgamated.   Our new nursery Rannoch, can accomodate 125 children at any one time. Falkirk Council's priority is that all 3 and 4 year olds will be offered a place in an educational nursery.   Children's whose birthday falls between September and December have the option to deferred entry to school.   This is done in consultation with the Manager and parents.   Any child whose birthday falls in January or February has the right to deferred entry if the parnets so wish.   Falklirk Council's dmission policy for nursery education is available in the foyer for any parent parent who wishes to consult this document.   Any parent/carer who has concerns regarding these procedures may discuss this at any time with the Manager.

In August 2015, we ahd an extension added to the nursery grounds.   A modular unit was placed in our garden which will cater for the Government's Early Learning and ChildCare Scheme.   To check for eligiblity for places within these units, call 01324 506011 to Sealock House.


Nursery Hours -

The nursery is open Monday - Friday between 8.00am - 6.00pm, 51 weeks per year.   We are only closed on public holidays and in-service training days.   We offer places for 0-5 years. We provide full time and part time daycare places depending on the need of each individual child and their family.   Extended hours are charged at £3.75 per hour for children aged 2 and over and babies will be charged at a rate of £4.80 per hour.   In the 3-5 room, from the term after the child's birthday they are entitled to 15 hours and 15 minutes education time.   The Government Early Learning and ChildCare Scheme, children are term time and children are entitled to 15 hours and 15 minutes.


What can you expect from us !!!!

All staff at Rannoch Nursery are commited to providing all children and families with the highest, quality of service.   We aim to provide a safe, secure and stimulating envirnment for children aged 0-5 years.