Outdoor Play at Rannoch Nursery

Outdoor play is a huge part of our curriculum.

Playing outside with all the large physical equipment is great, because it makes us feel healthy, fit and we get plenty of fresh of air.

We also provide various activities that are inside the nursery, to play with when we are outside too.

Outside play is great. It helps to expand children's social and emotional skills and enhances their curiosity and investigative skills........

Outdoor Play

Messy, Messy, Messy !!!!!

As you all know children love playing outside and all the children at Rannoch Nursery are out in all weathers, from lovely sunshine to the frost and snow.

So therefore, we always ask our parents/carers to provide appropriate outdoor clothing ie wellington boots, warm jackets, sunhat, suncream and changes of clothes for children to change into if they get dirty or wet when they are experiencing all weathers, in all our playrooms we have puddle suits and wellington boots suitable for outside play in all weathers............and if they do come home all messy and dirty then you know that they have had lots of fun !!



Loose Parts Play

In Rannoch Nursery we have introduced Loose Parts Play. Staff will be encouraging chiildren to use their imagination, playing with resources including cardboard boxes, tyres, bread baskets, tarpolins, wooden planks, bricks, pallets and plastic guttering. These items are called "Loose Parts".

They can be used in many different ways, allowing children to make anything from a pirate ship or castle to an assault course or den. Loose parts play will happen throughout the day both in and outdoors.

It will be a chance for children to:

  • Play freely with friends.
  • Investigate.
  • Discover.
  • Explore.
  • Create.
  • Problem solve.
  • Risk assess.

Please ensure your children are dressed for all weathers so they can join in appropriatley - they might need wellies, waterproof jackets, gloves, sunhats or suncream etc, depending on the weather.

Staff work closely with the children to minimise the risks, however, we are aware that bumps and scrapes may occur as part of the learning process.

  • Staff and children will be working together to introduce the loose parts.
  • Staff will receiveadditional trainign to further support the children's play.
  • Issues including how to use the resources safely have been investgated.
  • Children will be involved in discussing health and saftey issues.
  • All items will be checked initally and on a regular basis for saftey.

Parents/Carers -

Would you like to come and see what is happening? Get in touch and we will arrange a time slot for "Staying to Play". Do you have resources to donate? We look forward to hearing from you.