Parents Groups at Nursery

Stay and Play -

Within Rannoch Nursery, we encourage our parents/carers to participate in the life of our nursery and find out about their children's learning.

In each of the nursery playrooms, we hold Stay and Play sessions, where parents/carers will be invited by their child to attend. The purpose of Stay and Play is for parents/carers to take part in activites, learn about what their child  is "learning" at nursery and leaving with an end product. Stay and Play has been really successful in all the rooms. We really enjoy welcoming you into our nursery and look out for the time tables in each of the rooms and keep writing down your names.


Bedtime Book -

In each of the playrooms we have set up "Bedtime Book" bags. Parents/carers are encouraged to freely choose a bag with a book, take it home and read it to their child. Reading a story to your child is so important and benefits them in so many ways through listening, concentrating, understanding, memory recall, talking and promoting imagination. Please look for more information in each of the playrooms and speak to the staff.

Other events -

Different events that happen within the life of the nursery, are Open Events, Bake Offs, Parents Evenings, Charity Events, Fundraisers, etc. Please always look out for posters or information to what will be happening in each of the playrooms.